Filters and cartridges EATON provide the user with a difference that will take your breath away:

– ISO test standards

– Appropriate materials, construction and design

– Maximum load capacity of impurities and the efficiency of filtration

– Continuity of filtering efficiency even at high differential pressures

– To achieve the required cleanliness classes

– Long service life of filter cartridges

– Outstanding price / performance

INTERNORMEN Technology GmbH  is now EATON Technologies GmbH in the world of high-tech security, the environment and our health is present with:

– Filtering technology

– Management of fluids

– Electronic devices

– System Technology

– Control of purity

– Software solutions

– Feedback and suction filters

– Pressure filters

– Replacement batteries

– Off-line filters

– Elements for water removal

– Indicators of saturation

The filter element.

Eaton launches new DWF duplex filters
Robust, efficient and reliable

The DWF duplex filters are replacing the Series DSF and Series DNR duplex filters and are suitable for a working pressure up to 16 bar, and the continuous operation keeps systems contamination free while in service.